Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#2 What is journalism??

What is journalism?
By definition it would be, The activity or profession of writing for newspapers, or magazines, or of broadcasting news on radio or television.
Journalism is needed to provide stories and information to the public and media. People need and want to be informed on important news local or around the world. News reported from journalists range from many different subjects, politics on international, national, provincial and local levels, economic and business on those same levels, health medicine, educational, sports, hobbies and recreation, clothing, food, pets, and relationships, and famous figures.. Journalists will report anything that news organizations will think the people, consumers will be interested in and read, watch, or click on.  Journalists usually report the information that either they are interested in or the organization they work for are interested in or want them to report. Which requires them to be at the scene gathering Intel on the story, event or whatever it is they're reporting. They have to cultivate sources, and the information they gather has to be accurate.
With the major advances of technology journalism has significantly altered and with the way the public obtains its news and information. Computerized sources are regularly being used in media organizations. People are turning to their computers and mobile devises to get their news updates, in ways it can be a fairly good thing with getting instate updates on the news and being up to date with things that are happening around the world. Print journalism is being set aside slowly, some even think it could be lost for good. Information from the media goes only one way now from the journalist, media organizations straight to the people, limiting the involvement or engagement of the people in journalism.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Design is everywhere, everything in our lives from toilette's to the showers, our beds, alarm clocks, tables, the chairs we sit in everyday, pencils we use at school, everything has been through a thought process of how the object/thing would be designed to be efficient, work properly and also look either good or look normal..

 Design in media is big, you would want something to be designed to catch a readers or viewers attention, you want them to notice it, like fishing you want to catch the fish' attention but without scaring them away. Like i said design is big and crucial, you have to be careful with design, you have to double check your designs and check again.

 People everyday can be there own designers without knowing it. when you wake up you design yourself with how you dress, you can design or do your hair how you want. You design what your room looks like or how you want it to look, if you have social media accounts for example, twitter, you have your own profile you customize and design, what you have set for your profile pictures, then many social accounts have another background or cover photo that you can customize, to make others/viewers either get a little hint about you or if its just a good looking picture of yourself that you would want people to see. Then you have a bio, where you can write whatever you like again to either tell a little about yourself, many have religious quotes, quick meaningful quotes, something funny, or activities/hobbies you have, or something so pointless its funny like only putting your height.. Everyday, in many ways people are their own designers.

Personally I think design/designing is really cool, something that's designed very eye catching, either looking interesting, cool, or different/unusual,  something that you haven't seen before, is awesome. Id enjoy very much to design something or things that people would be interested in just looking at it.
Ill be honest im an artsy guy i like creating cool designs or just school art projects or like just in this class with the 2 design projects we did, i wanted to make something that was better looking than others, try to make others think "hey that's cool", and catch their attention.
In just this class i have realized many different things about design i didn't even think of before.
And how bad some designs are, how people can get a very wrong idea than what you were trying to go for.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Blog #4.. Choice.

Decisions, decisions...
Today peoples everyday lives are full of decisions and choices. They also have the ones that are made for them like when you have to get up and go to work or school, or what news they watch on TV in the morning.. in this case most of our choices are very limited and I am not really sure how I feel about that..    But today we are faced with many ways we can customize what we want to see or hear and what we don't want to see or hear on TV, creating many choices for us to pick from. We also look at news online with many news sources to choose from then after that we can click on the stories we want to read and the stories we would ignore.. This is great for getting people involved with news, now people have the decisions to read the news they actually want to read.

 But the news we want to view isn't always the news we should be receiving, like viewing some news articles on Miley Cyrus rather than what is going on in the white house.. And why do we make these choices?? Its weird to think about, like why a stupid dress was the most talked about/trending news for 1 or 2 days all over the media... In the end nobody really should care what color the dress is. But people still get worked up over something so foolish even tho it has no positive impact on their life..

People are always making choices that they even know they shouldn't be making, I don't think its because of who they are but maybe just what they would want to do at that moment.. Like choosing a glazed doughnut with pink frosting and colorful sprinkles on top, over going for a mile run. We all know we would take that doughnut any day. (if not, I think you would when that doughnut is staring you down looking o so delicious)... At that moment we just think about what we want right there instead of what our future self would've wanted you to choose. Our past self is always making it tough for our future self then our present self hates past self....          

Thursday, February 26, 2015


The truth about truth.
The quality or state of being 'true'.... but what would truth mean to you?
To me the truth would have to be the absolute truth, proven with facts and backed up with evidence. The truth inst an opinion on whats true or what other people would tell you to believe as the truth, the only way to know, would be by actually being there when it happens/as it happens and seeing it happen or hearing it or whatever it is. Journalists might not really know whether someone is telling the truth or not and can end up with different stories. Journalists should know whether someone is just throwing out their opinion on what happened or what they believe happened or if someone is just lying... compared to the most logical story that is proven with facts and evidence. But even then they might not actually be getting the real truth. You would definitely need to find someone that is loyal to the truth, whether they agree with the truth or not, or if they want other people to believe something else happened. Being loyal to the truth would be telling the story as it actually happened and as it actually is, Nothing else added, no exaggerating what happened or changing the story in anyway. You just gotta be a truther. Not a liar. A high school journalist to find a true report would have to be finding the most reliable person that witnesses what happens.

The future of news.

Our Presentation on Future of news.

The future of news, we started out brainstorming a bunch of random ideas and the car idea stuck because people are always driving from place to place. We came up with an idea that will save some time for you in the morning or anytime whenever you need to hear news by coming up with a self driving car that runs off of Google maps, that also basically turns your front windshield into a holographic/ see through TV or computer screen type deal, that displays news and other information you might need.

I think its a really great idea but also at the same time not the smartest... first off its not the safest idea, a lot of work would need to be put into this and in Google maps and in a car that this would be able to be installed into. The car and Google maps would have to have some major upgrades and stuff to make it safe for the car to be able to drive itself.
News agencies and journalism in the future i think will have some big changes with future advances of technology.
Its hard to say exactly how it will change on how you will receive your every day news. b